Wardrobe Assessment

lady looking at clothing options

Is your closet packed full of clothes, yet you feel you have nothing to wear?

Maybe you hesitate buying more because you already have so much. You probably wear just a small percentage of what’s in your closet.  Renewed Reflection can help you to sort through which clothes in your wardrobe work best for you.

Wardrobe Assessment

In your own home, I’ll guide you through a thorough evaluation of all your clothes.  We’ll evaluate color, fit, and condition, and consider potential improvements. We’ll review everything in your wardrobe ensuring every piece enhances your look and your life.  And not only will we look at individual pieces, we’ll figure out how all your pieces work together. The goal is to have a closet where you can just grab and go, yet look sensational!


  • Begin every day with an outfit choice that inspires confidence. 
  • Quickly find items that coordinate well, accentuate your best features, and minimize figure challenges. 
  • Save time and money by understanding which styles work best for you.

How It Works

  • Once we’ve confirmed an appointment date, time, and location, you’ll complete an intake form.  When meeting we’ll discuss your responses on the form and more details about your life and lifestyle.
  • We’ll review (sometimes trying on) every item in your wardrobe to: 
    • Define best colors, styles, and fit for you.
    • Determine potential improvements with alterations, repairs, and customizations.
    • Identify gaps in your wardrobe – items that would improve your wardrobe versatility – and develop a shopping list. 


$250 for a three-hour appointment in your home.  Most appointments can be accomplished in this period, though additional time is available at $50/hour.  We’ll assess every item in your wardrobe. In addition, you’ll receive a list of purchase recommendations of basics that will extend your wardrobe even further.

Note: The wardrobe assessment works wonderfully when preceded by the color analysis and body calculation services, but it can be done as a single service as well.