Styling for Your Body Shape

stylish lady wearing fashionable clothes

Do you see pictures of clothes and buy them only to find they don’t look good on you?

Has your body shape changed over time, and now you don’t know what you should be wearing?  

Body Calculation and Styling

Many people become frustrated with getting dressed because they just don’t know what looks good on them.  The reasons for this are numerous, but a few include:

  • Changes in weight or body mass resulting from gaining/losing muscle or fat, illness/surgery, aging, etc.
  • Making wardrobe choices based on how models look wearing clothes.
  • Dressing based on other people’s assessments or misconceptions such as “My mother always said I have broad shoulders.”
  • Wearing clothes that are for the body you want, not the body you have.

A body calculation will provide you with real data about your figure size, shape, and proportions.  We’ll work together to develop the most realistic picture of your body possible by taking your measurements and doing a few activities together.  Armed with facts, you’ll get lists of styles to maximize your assets as well as what to avoid.


Understanding the styles to accentuate your figure will provide you with the knowledge to understand which clothing styles and outfits will look best on you.

  • Improve your body image by wearing clothes that flatter the body you have now.
  • Focus your shopping so you aren’t distracted by unflattering styles.
  • Spend less money by avoiding poorly selected purchases.

How It Works

  • Once we’ve confirmed an appointment date, time, and location, you’ll complete an intake form.  When meeting we’ll discuss your responses on the form and more details about your life and lifestyle.
  • So that we can get the most accurate assessment possible, you’ll wear figure fitting clothing.  Examples include a well-fitting bra, a leotard or fitted T-shirt, and leggings, tights, or fitted shorts.
  • I’ll take your measurements and determine your proportions providing you with a final list of figure characteristics (for example: short-waisted or long arms).  In addition, for each figure challenge, you’ll receive a collection of detailed recommendations designed to improve your figure balance. The handouts include styles to wear as well as what to avoid — descriptions as well as drawings — so that you can effectively shop both online and in stores.


$150 for a one-hour appointment in your home (or location of choice).  You’ll receive a packet of recommended styles to wear and avoid based on your specific body challenges.