Special Occasion Styling

bride and groom fashion shoot

You have a really special day coming up!

It could be a public speaking engagement, a gala party, a job interview, or just an everyday gathering where you want an unforgettable look. What are you going to wear to make your best impression?  

Your Best Look

Sometimes it’s tough enough trying to figure out what to wear on a normal day let alone a special one.  Using the services of a personal stylist provides you with the opportunity to capitalize on the knowledge of a professional.  We will work within your time and budget constraints as well as consider your existing wardrobe to develop a look that works for you.  After putting together an outfit in your best colors, with complimentary design and details and coordinated accessories, you’ll attend your event with confidence!


  • Get the advantage of a professional stylist to ensure your clothes communicate the message you intend to send.
  • Save time searching numerous stores and online retailers for what you want.
  • Customized services designed to fit your event, lifestyle, and budget.

How It Works

  • Once we’ve confirmed an appointment date, time, and location, you’ll complete an intake form.  During our first meeting we’ll discuss your responses on the form and more details about the event, planned activities, attire, your goals, and your personal style.  
  • We’ll work through an informal color assessment as well as taking your body measurements.
  • You sit back and relax while I will hunt the market for your perfect outfit.  You’ll receive images of the clothing and accessories I recommend. Depending on our agreement, I will either purchase items for you to try on, or I may send web links for you to purchase the items. Then we can make choices together in a virtual fitting session.


Customized to requirements.  Contact Renewed Reflection for a free phone consultation.