Is your closet packed full of clothes, yet you feel you have nothing to wear?  Maybe you hesitate buying more because it already seems like you have so much.   You probably wear just a small percentage of what’s in your closet.  Renewed Reflection can help you to learn which clothes work best for you.


Start every day with an outfit choice that inspires confidence.  Quickly find items that coordinate well, accentuate your best features, and minimize any concerns.  Understanding which clothes work best for you will save both time and money over the long term.

How It Works

We will discuss your lifestyle, goals, and any current issues.

We’ll review (sometimes trying on) every item in your wardrobe to determine:

      • Best color, styles, and fit
      • Consider alterations and repairs
      • A shopping list to make your wardrobe really work for you


$250 for 3 hours; $75 for each additional hour includes the following services:

          • Evaluation of every item in your closet and drawers to assess color, style, fit, and condition
          • Determine items that require alterations or repair
          • Develop a list of shopping items to improve wardrobe versatility

Contact us now about Wardrobe Assessment Services.