How often do you buy a garment because you love the color or liked the way it looked on a model or a friend?  But then you find that when you wear the item, instead of compliments you get questions about whether you’re tired or ill.  This could very well be a result of the color choices you’re making, and learning your best colors is an investment that will quickly pay off.

Essential Colors

Color analysis is a process of determining the most favorable colors for you based on the unique pigmentation in your skin, hair, and eyes.  Many color analysis systems use a seasonal categorization. However, I use Essential Colors which categorizes according to nature’s five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal to develop color harmonies, or palettes.

EC LogoEach palette takes into account various aspects of color including brightness and color temperature (warm or cool).  In addition, the contrasts and colors within each palette will be consistent with those of the wearer.  The most unique aspect, though, of an Essential Colors analysis is that the analysis is that it considers the personality or essence of the wearer.


The greatest benefit of color analysis is learning the best range of colors for your unique complexion.  These color ranges complement your face showing you in the best light to those around you.  Practical advantages may include:

        • Money better spent on clothing purchases (fewer purchases that you end up not wearing)
        • More coordinated wardrobe and accessories (everything goes together better rather than having multiple individual outfits)

How It Works

      • With color corrected lamps, we will use various methods to analyze your natural coloring.
      • Once we determine your palette, we will try on different colors to help you see how they affect your natural coloration.
      • We will discuss maintenance of palette, and how to shop with it.


$125 $99 (for a limited time) includes:

      • One hour appointment
      • Palette with a range of approximately 60 colors
      • Case and care instructions for your palette
      • Coaching on how to use your palette when shopping

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