Here are the services I currently provide. I am always ready to chat about any other style questions you have!

Color Analysis:  Selecting the most favorable colors for you based on the unique pigmentation in your skin, hair, and eyes.

Styling for Your Body Shape:  Calculating your figure size, shape, and proportions and providing you with a customized guidance for dressing your unique body.

Special Occasion Styling:  Engaging an expert stylist to help you put together and unforgettable look.

Wardrobe Assessment:  An evaluation of all of your clothing to assess color, style, fit, and condition, put together styled outfits, develop a shopping list to complete the wardrobe.

Clothing Alterations and Repairs:  Make your clothes the best they can be with custom alterations to improve how they fit your body.

Personal Shopping:  A professional stylist does the research and purchases to provide you with purchasing options to try on in the comfort of your own home.

Closet Organization:  Reorganizing your closet to help you quickly find the right item when you need it.

Suggested Packages

Color Analysis & Styling for Your Body Shape: These basic services arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to make the smart style decisions; it’s ideal for the DIY-er or budget-conscious.

Wardrobe Assessment & Closet Organization: For someone who has already had some guidance or just wants to get started by “cleaning house”, this package will get you started learning where you currently stand with your wardrobe.

Color Analysis, Styling for Your Body Shape, & Wardrobe Assessment: This is the perfect combo to determine your best colors and most flattering silhouettes, then determine how your current wardrobe compares.  Together we’ll figure out what to keep and which items to let go. We’ll define any gaps, and I’ll provide you with a shopping list of items that will result in the most versatile wardrobe for your lifestyle.

Color Analysis, Styling for Your Body Shape, Wardrobe Assessment, & Closet Organization: The most comprehensive package we have begins with a color analysis to define your best colors and the styling for your body shape where I’ll reveal to you your best style options.  From there we’ll venture into your closet and drawers to assess what you already own, what you should keep, and how you can supplement (with a personalized shopping list).  From there we’ll develop a storage plan, and get all your clothes reorganized into a system that you’re able to easily maintain.

Note: Any of the above packages can be supplemented with clothing alteration/repairs and/or personal shopping services.

    • Alterations are a great way to repair or customize what you already own.  Ensuring clothing fits properly is a key component to a stylish look!
    • Personal shopping can be implemented in two different ways.  Either the stylist can do the shopping for you eliminating the hassle of doing it yourself.  Or you can use the personal shopping service as a learning experience where you have the opportunity to learn how to shop for yourself.