About Meredith Moss

Meredith young at sewing machine-edit

My passion for fashion began when I was very young.

My mother told me that when I was 2 years old that I refused to go to the grocery store until I could change my outfit. As I got older I learned how to draw and sew my own clothes. My interests blossomed and eventually I applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City to learn fashion design.

After graduating four year later, I worked as an assistant designer, yet yearned to help people on a more individual basis. In my free time I volunteered as an emergency medical technician in Hoboken, New Jersey. Eventually I discovered emergency management and started work on a graduate degree.

On September 11, 2001, I was working in the New York City garment district. That day, and for weeks and months later, fashion seemed frivolous. In 2003 I made a bold career change into emergency management, relocating to the Washington, DC area to help prepare the nation for the next catastrophe. Government contracting was very different from the fashion world, but post-September 11 in emergency management had an energy of its own.


After finishing my master’s degree in disaster science (I am literally a Master of Disaster), my graduate education continued with a certificate in instructional technology. Extensive business travel and graduate school took their toll; my weight crept up, and I put less effort into my appearance. Eventually I was looking a little dowdy and decided to revamp my wardrobe. When I began making the changes, I found that my confidence improved and at the same time my weight started dropping!

But life’s stresses continued and 5 years later I was sick. Doctors couldn’t give me a diagnosis and the weight crept back on. Barely able to make it to work, looking good wasn’t high on the priority list. Eventually, I made some dietary modifications, and the weight came off again, but more importantly my confidence, energy, and focus soared. Now I know what works!

Over time it occurred to me that I’d acquired an interesting variety of abilities including knowledge of clothing construction, product development, event planning, instructional design, nutrition, and fitness. It turns out that that this eclectic skill set is an ideal combination for an image consultant where I can help people one-on-one. I’m able to translate the language of the fashion world into understandable concepts that real people can implement into their everyday lives. And I want to share all this knowledge with you!