Are you available outside of the Northern Virginia area?

If you are outside the Northern VA area, please contact me and we can talk about my availability. All my services are priced based on appointments in Northern Virginia.  Other areas within the DC area may incur additional travel fees.

Who is your typical client?

Most of our clients are just everyday people who are busy with families, work, and/or school.  Often, but not always, they are experiencing some major changes in their lives.  Or perhaps they are hoping for something more in their lives. Whatever the reason, they have decided that looking better in less time with reduced expenses is important to move their lives forward.

I get dressed every day.  Why would I need someone else to help me figure out what to wear? 

Very often the skills we need every day are the ones that are taken for granted. With that, often we are never taught how to do it correctly – it just happens. This is often complicated by the fact that every person is so unique. Growing up your clothing choices may have been influenced by someone whose body was very different than yours. Or your body may have changed over the years and you’re unsure about what the best choices would be. In any case our goal is to systemize your wardrobe so that you understand what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Isn’t what’s on the inside more important than what’s on the outside?

Of course who you are as a person is the utmost importance.  Our goal is ensure your inner beauty shines through so that everyone can immediately see how special you are. We work with you to understand who you are, your priorities, your lifestyle, and what you want to accomplish and translate that into style solutions designed just for you.

Are you going to tell me I can’t wear black?

No. Black is too great of a fashion influence for most people to completely avoid.  Instead, we’ll teach you some creative styling tricks about how to wear black – or any other color that you want to wear that’s not in your ideal range.

Can I have a friend or family member with me at my appointment?

Of course. In fact, we find that when your friends and family understand the process, they become more supportive of you and your goals.  And you’ll increase your chances of receiving clothing gifts that you’ll actually wear. ?

If I choose the wardrobe assessment, will I learn which color and silhouettes work best for me?

The wardrobe assessment will provide you with general guidelines based on what is already in your closet.  If you really want to understand the full scope of what will enhance your natural beauty, we recommend that you have a color analysis and styling for your body shape prior to the wardrobe assessment.  We have packages that improve the affordability of these services.

Why should I hire Renewed Reflection as my image consultant?

Learning how to best dress your body is an invaluable skill that contributes to your overall well-being and success. As a fashion designer and image consultant, Meredith has spent decades studying color, fabric, texture, and proportion. The initial investment you spend in educating yourself will quickly pay off in a couple of ways. By truly understanding your best looks, you’ll reduce and possibly eliminate mistake purchases. Additionally, by improving your look your confidence will soar, others will respond, and what may have seemed out of reach is becomes an achievement.