Concierge Shopper

shopping assistant in a store

As the name implies, concierge shopper is a full-service shopping experience.

Designed for those who want to look great but would prefer to focus their time and energy on activities other than wading through racks of clothes.  Your only job is to provide me with information about your life through a guided discussion. From that point all your shopping will be done for you with selections delivered to your home.  You’ll try on purchases, and we can decide together what to add to your wardrobe. For those who lack the time for shopping or simply dislike it, this is a fantastic option.


  • Avoid traffic and the retail crowds.
  • Escape being overwhelmed with the billions of options available online.
  • Get the most ideal options for you with the least amount of effort.

How It Works

  • Once we’ve confirmed an appointment date, time, and location, you’ll complete an intake form.  When meeting we’ll discuss your responses on the form and more details about your life and lifestyle.
  • For the first session your personal shopper will meet you at your home for 1 ½ hours.  We’ll determine your body measurements, do an informal color analysis, and review your current wardrobe.  This session is a critical foundation piece in understanding your lifestyle requirements, including budget. 
  • After our initial consultation, I’ll purchase a variety of items for you to try on in your home.  After trying on the selections, we can decide together what works and what doesn’t. If there are items that need just a little tweak, we’ll measure for alterations which can be performed for a slight additional fee.  


$195* for 2 hours; each additional hour is $75/hour.  Does not include the price clothing. You will be provided with a customized selection of items for you to try on to decide whether to purchase.  And your shopper will return items that you don’t purchase. 

*Price is based on appointments in Northern Virginia.  Other areas within the DC area may incur additional travel fees.