Clothing Alterations and Repairs

sewing machine working on clothe alterations

Do you have a pair of pants where the hem drags on the ground?

Maybe a favorite shirt you’re not wearing because you haven’t had time to sew on a missing button?  Perhaps you have a secondhand item from a loved one that could use some updating?  

Tailored for You

Professional alterations provide you with the opportunity for the best wardrobe possible.  Whether stitching up torn seams or sewing on missing buttons, many people think about alterations only as repairs.  But you can also use this as an opportunity to customize any garment where even brand new clothes can benefit. Love a sweater, but hate the buttons?  We can replace them. Did you know the greatest secret to looking polished is to have your clothes fit well? Renewed Reflection provides clothing customizations that will repair, refit, and restyle your old and new favorites.


  • Save money with repairs to well-worn favorites. 
  • Increase useful lifespan of clothing you already love.
  • Look better and increase comfort by improving fit.
  • Customize garments with unique, personalized details.

How It Works

  • We will meet to review your clothing concerns and potential options.  
  • You’ll provide me with the items needing work.  In many cases, I may need you to try on the item in order to mark alterations.  It is possible that some alterations may require additional fitting sessions.
  • Before I leave, I’ll provide you with an estimated cost and estimated completion date.


Varies depending on work done.

TIP: A wardrobe assessment will help identify all the items in your closet for alteration.  As you try on each item, we’ll examine the fit and the condition as well as identify any alterations needed.  Save money by improving your well-loved favorites rather than replacing them.