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Should Supermom Wear a Cape?

From caring for children and other family to holding down one or more jobs outside of the home, mothers do it all.  Moms, nevertheless, get a bum rap for their clothing choices.  The term “mom jeans” says it all — the epitome of fashion flops.  Sippy cup stains become a badge of honor.  How do…
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11 Eco-friendly Ideas for Your Wardrobe

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, here a few suggestions for those who are interested in developing a more environmentally-friendly wardrobe. Each piece of your clothing has a life of its own from its production, to when you acquire, how you maintain (e.g., laundry), and discarding it at the end of its useful…
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12 Tips to Recognize Quality Clothing

With my fashion design background, I’m often asked how to identify high quality clothing.  Most people assume that if you pay more money, you get more quality.  But in today’s world of thrifty reselling, that isn’t necessarily the case.  Others will swear by only certain brands.  While identifying designers that personally work for you is…
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