Should Supermom Wear a Cape?

From caring for children and other family to holding down one or more jobs outside of the home, mothers do it all.  Moms, nevertheless, get a bum rap for their clothing choices.  The term “mom jeans” says it all — the epitome of fashion flops.  Sippy cup stains become a badge of honor.  How do you prioritize dressing well, though, when you can barely find time to brush your teeth?

Having the right wardrobe can actually make your life easier.  You’ll increase efficiency and save money by learning the clothes that work for you.  When looking better your confidence improves, often paving the way to attain other goals in your life.  And as your self-respect escalates, you become an even better role model for your children.

Make your wardrobe work as hard as you do when you’re running around chasing kids and chauffeuring them to various activities and appointments.  Here are some considerations to keep in mind when putting together outfits that support you as a supermom.


Knit + Stretch = Comfort
Comfort and the ability to be active is probably the top clothing consideration for most busy moms. Find comfortable fabrics that stretch and move with your body.  Anything knitted usually fits the bill.  Additionally, modern woven fabrics often incorporate a touch of stretch (e.g., spandex).  Another advantage of stretch fabrics is their resiliency to wrinkling — so ironing usually isn’t required.

This floral tee shirt from Sahalie can work with weekend jeans or a casual outfit for the office. It’s not only versatile, but it’s also comfortable and easy care.

Laundering and Maintenance

With so much washing to do for the kids, who has time to consider special laundering for your own clothes? Except for special occasion items, consider only items that you can put in the washer and dryer.  Those items that require hand-washing, dry-cleaning, or ironing might be beautiful, but if you’re not wearing them, what’s the point?

Multi-Functional Pieces

A mother’s life is filled with activity with little time between to think about outfit changes. Buy clothes that serve multiple functions.  Classic pieces like tees and pencil skirts are timeless and will connote class to your outfit.  Example: buy an artistically, printed tee shirt that you can wear through the day with a pair of jeans and then dress it up with a skirt and a sweater.

Buy Wisely
With sports practices and games, parties to attend, and new clothes needed for growing bodies, it seems money is often going out the door faster than it comes in. However, spending money on clothes for yourself is just as important as it is for everyone else around you.  Buying quality clothes – while a bit more costly up front – will pay off in the long term with longevity and less maintenance.  Another tip is to avoid impulse shopping and “fast fashion.”

Edit Your Closet
We’ve all been there, standing, looking at a closet full of clothes but cannot figure out what to wear. You put on pants; they don’t fit right.  You reach for blouse but realize you don’t have a skirt that matches.  Don’t just put them back into the closet.  Get rid of the things that aren’t earning their keep, and work on building a highly coordinated wardrobe where you have lots of options to mix and match.

If you’re unsure what works for you, there are ways to learn.  Online videos are available to help you discover your body type and skin tones (we’ll also talk more about these in future posts).  There are also numerous books that can coach you in body type analysis.  For a more personalized experience, find an image consultant in your area who can teach you.

      • Color Analysis: Consider a color analysis appointment to determine your best colors – and these colors will generally all coordinate together beautifully.
      • Styling for Your Body Shape: Learn guidelines about how to dress your body. Like it or not, with age and childbirth, our bodies change.  Are you making the mistake of dressing the body you had ten years ago or the one you want once you lose ten pounds on that next diet?  Dress the body you have now and you will find that the other changes you want in your life will come easier with your newfound confidence.
      • Wardrobe Assessment: An expert can provide you with an objective assessment and an excellent learning opportunity based on your current wardrobe.  Once your closet is curated, not only will you save time getting dressed, but you’ll also save money by knowing how not to make mistakes.  More importantly, you can avoid the frustration and self-abuse that goes along with it.  Never a good way to start the day.

Getting dressed is something that we all do, but most of us have never learned the principles of how to do it.  Most of it is based on the opinions of others and trends.  Know what works for you so that looking fabulous makes you even more of a supermom!  Do you have any questions about other ways to make your dressing easier?  Please share below in the comments.

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