Do you want to look great, and feel confident about your style?

Now, chosing what to wear each day can be an easy task that improves your entire life. Feel and look your best by updating your wardrobe, defining your look, and understanding what makes you, YOU!
-Meredith Moss, Image Consultant


I provide professional solutions for all your wardrobe needs – all in the comfort of your own home. 


I’m an image consultant and fashion designer passionate about teaching how to dress your best.


Read up on best practices for chosing your style, dressing well, and managing your wardrobe.


Why work with an image consultant?

Projecting a polished image can dramatically improve your personal and professional life and have a major impact on your success.

Here are just a few ways a style consultant can help you refine your image.


Defining colors to enhance your natural complexion and make you glow


Personal shopping services provide you with ideal solutions while saving you time.


Assisting you with pulling together that perfect outfit for a special occasion


Customize your clothing with professional alterations

Client Testimonials

Meredith is passionate about helping people look their best! She worked with my personal goals and existing wardrobe to help me look great.

Sarah H.

Herndon, VA

Meredith does amazing work. She really listens to you when helping evaluate your image and clothing.

Sally S.

Mechanicsville, VA

Meredith is amazing and really knows her stuff. She will help you achieve the look you have always wanted, while saving you time and money.

Germaine S.

Gainsville, VA

Ready to look your best?

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